DrupalCamp Vienna 2013
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Information Displays

Direct link: http://2013.drupalcamp.at/i

Information-Displays will show useful information like next sessions, tweets, advise, etc. as well as the event sponsors.

Therefore we can use 2 big monitors, one located in the main meeting area and one located above the elvators on the ground floor. During session breaks we will also use the video projectors in all rooms for information purposes.


To find the device with the best price-performance ratio is a playful sideproject. All findings will be shared, so here we go:
(Update: as it is now clear that there are notebooks provided in all rooms we do not need to bring our own devices - however expect more monitors!)

We need devices that can run a webbrowser in fullscreen mode, don't fall asleep, have wifi connection and a monitor output.

#1 - Raspberry Pi / € 60

No big suprise to start with a Raspberry Pi. Concrete it's a modell B (early version with 256 MB RAM). Price incl. power supply and shipping was € 40. We also need a SD-Card for about € 10 and a Wifi-dongle, also € 10. The total price is now € 60.

  1. Get Raspbian “wheezy” onto the sd-card.
  2. Set overclock settings to medium (during first run or later via "sudo raspi-config")
  3. Install Chromium
  4. Disable Monitor Sleep

#2 - Chromebook (Samsung 303C12 A01) / € 235

By now the most expensive device. But it just works and is fast enough.

  • Depending on the Chrome version, disable the "Immersive" mode via "chrome://flags/" to get real fullscreen. (this may be reseted after Chrome OS updates)
  • Install Chrome Extension "Keep Awake" to avoid power savings, more info in the article How to keep chromebook display awake.

#3 - Kindle Fire HD 7 € 142 (current price is € 116)

Status: Installed Chrome, need to order a micro-hdmi to hdmi cable.
Warning: Newest generation of Kindle Fire tablets do not have a hdmi connector

#4 - Ouya / € 110

Status: Ordered over amazon.uk.
Hardware sounds very promising.

Notes: All prices stated are incl. shipping but without tax.