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DrupalCamp Vienna 2013 - It's a wrap that tastes like Schnitzel

Last weekend, 300 people from 25 countries attended our community-organized web-conference DrupalCamp Vienna 2013.

This event pretty much fulfilled our vision of creating a space for connect open minds from all over Europe to talk about Drupal 8 and related web technologies. To be honest, the outcome of the conference and your feedback so far even surpassed our expectations in a positive way :)

DrupalCamp Vienna schedule online

Dear Drupalistas from all over Europe and beyond!

It's official - the schedule for DrupalCamp Vienna 2013 is now online:

We were pretty stunned by the fact that you folks submitted an awesome amount of 60 sessions. Selecting sessions always means that you have to draw a line at some point, but I really think that we were able to put together an outstanding line-up of Drupal and non-Drupal talks for this conference.

DrupalCamp Vienna 2013 Trainings

Hi everyone,

we have been working hard to put together a decent line-up of pre-conference trainings for DrupalCamp Vienna. Since last week, we are proud to offer you some pretty exciting trainings which will be held on Thursday, November 21.

Thanks to the support from Microsoft Austria, who provide the trainings venue for free, we both offer regular trainings at a reasonable price (€ 195,-) and are especially excited to provide community trainings at very low costs (€ 50,-).

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