DrupalCamp Vienna 2013
connecting open minds

Baking an Open Cake: Drupal and CiviCRM on a plate.

Site Building
Experience level: 
CiviCRM, Open Source, Drupal-Integration
Schedule: Friday, 14:00 in room vi knallgrau
  • One for you, one for me: How much of your project features stays in Drupal and how much goes to the CRM? Bad question: It ain't just back-end vs. front end - it´s always about the interaction between these two. The webshapers will focus on Physio Austria as a real-world example how bridging gaps makes you smile.
  • One for many, but two for more: Blending two open source systems faces you with two APIs, two(hundred) issues queues, two documentation sources, two ways of understanding.
    But also many more ways to do stuff. We´d like to share some practices in the Drupal and Civicrm projects and communities that make up an awesome cake.
  • Dos and Don´ts: Don't worry – it´s going to be short. What we mean here ain't regulations or best practices - we mean learn what the other system does or doesn't “do” . A major (read: common) mistake in a cross-system project is failure of knowledge. Not programming/altering/extending, but simple knowledge of using both systems.