DrupalCamp Vienna 2013
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Be friends with your content editor

Content Strategy
Experience level: 
ux, content, editor, author
Schedule: Friday, 15:00 in room Wunderkraut

Content editors are amongst the most important but the most forgotten stakeholders in a CMS project.
They are the ones producing all the content years over years. You can help them creating high-quality content, to be efficient and to make them raise improvements for further developments.

In this talk I will provide suggestions on how and when to integrate content editors in the development process. We tend to discuss in length about the color of this or that box or the scope of this or that functionality. Mostly we never think how the content gets in the system and is being maintained. But we HAVE to care. Mostly we care when everything is ready, when changes are getting expensive and content editors are already annoyed by the system that has been put in front of them. This needs to change. Be friends with the content editors and deliver a better product.

How to get friends with your content editor? The good news is, it will not require days of work, flowers or Swiss chocolate. With the Drupal standards - difficult. But by using Drupal's features wisely and installing some specific modules, you can improve the editor experience already by a lot. Examples are a better admin search, help texts, admin themes, just to mention some.