DrupalCamp Vienna 2013
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In-depth changes to Drupal 8 javascript

Frontend & Design
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Schedule: Saturday, 12:00 in room Wunderkraut

Drupal 8 introduces a lot of changes for javascript: how to add a JS file to a page, how Drupal process the aggregation of JS files, what are the new javascript APIs. We'll be looking into the reasons for those changes.

After a quick recap of the changes you need to make to port your JS to Drupal 8, we'll dig into the changes you should embrace as a module maintainer or site developer to make your life, and the web, better.

But it's not all pretty, when you want to use some more advanced D8 features with your JS, you have to use messy workarounds. We'll look at a few examples of what happens when Backbone, Drupal and fancy functionalities meet in core and what it'd take to fix the mess.