DrupalCamp Vienna 2013
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Developing responsive Drupal Frontends with the latest tools

Frontend & Design
Experience level: 
Schedule: Friday, 16:30 in room Wunderkraut

This session will provide you with an idea of the most popular frontend development tools and tricks. You will see how to develop a responsive, mobile first frontend that is BITV2.0 compliant and cross-browser compatible.
And how to use those tools in your next Drupal project to enhance your performance.

Session bulletpoints:
* SASS and LESS with Drupal
* How to use GRUNT.js
* Adapting the wysiwyg editor to produce BITV2.0 compliant code
* How to get the latest jQuery version up and running with Drupal if forced to use it
* Zen coding with emmet to speed up development
* Using Twitter Bootstrap
* Some fun with backbone.js
* Enhancing animations in the Drupal Backend (jQueryUI sortable)