DrupalCamp Vienna 2013
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Drupal for Sustainable Development (D4SD)

Experience level: 
sustainable development, drupal 4 development, open data, information visualisation, data visualisation, government, use cases, linked open data
Schedule: Saturday, 11:00 in room vi knallgrau

Sustainable Development (http://bit.ly/1g2F3Pq) is an important topic for more and more organisations, governments and enterprises these days. The efficient and sustainable management of our available resources like energy, water and/or food concerns all of us! Thereby the awareness-raising of sustainable development mechanisms is an issue for decision makers, policy makers and / or project developers. And thereby needs to be reflected also by the respective information management strategies and information services that are provided.

Openness is a major objectives for all organisations dealing with sustainable development as it enables knowledge-sharing, awarness building as well as participation (on the basis of information).

This session showcases - along 3 real world scenarios: The Knowledge Platform of the Global Buildings Performance Network GBPN (http://gbpn.org), The European Innovation Partnership on Water (http://www.eip-water.eu) and the Data Hub of the Buildings Performance Institute Europe BPIE (http://www.buildingsdata.eu) - how Drupal can be used for powerful information management in this area. Furthermore it demonstrates how Drupal can provide powerful tools for awareness-raising in the area of sustainable development in the form of open data provision, data- and information visualisation services as well as news aggregation tools....