DrupalCamp Vienna 2013
connecting open minds

Gaining Control in the Great Unknown

Frontend & Design
Experience level: 
mobile browser, HTML5, Progressive Enhancement, browser quirks
Schedule: Saturday, 14:00 in room Wunderkraut

Every heard of the UC browser? Or Ninesky? ExSoul, anyone? Did you know that on Android 4.1 the stock browser is completely different between a Galaxy S3 and a HTC One S?

A web developer's journey leads more and more into the unknown. Instead of having a manageable set of browsers and a good knowledge of their quirks, we now can't prepare for every possible way how a user accesses the web. Features, implementation quality and (connection) speed often rely on guesses and not on facts. A hack might be a good thing on one platform, but results into completely broken experiences on another.

In this talk, Stefan Baumgartner will show how to gain control in the great unknown and how embracing long forgotten development strategies will help you.