DrupalCamp Vienna 2013
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How to make money with Drupal distributions

Experience level: 
Schedule: Saturday, 14:00 in room Zensations

Drupal distributions provide turnkey solutions for specific use cases, like shop systems, project management tools or jobboards. They allow you to quickly set up complex websites without the need to install and configure every module on your own.
On the other hand implementing and maintaining Drupal distributions takes a lot of time, so how can Drupal shops benefit from publishing their distributions?

In this session I'll cover several different business models for Drupal distributions, based on the experiences we made at epiqo with our open source Drupal 7 distribution Recruiter and our premium version jobiqo.

Session contents:

  • What is a Drupal distribution
  • Different business models
    •   Open Source + Premium Add-Ons
    •   Support and Hosting
    •   Consultancy
    •   External Product Integration / Services
  • Advantages / Disadvantages
  • Commercial Use / Licensing Issues
  • Open Discussion