DrupalCamp Vienna 2013
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Frontend & Design
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Schedule: Friday, 12:00 in room Wunderkraut

Discursive concepts for the web.
Questioning conventions and content debates with clients.
Breaking rules triggers new findings in appearance and communication logic.
Attitude comes before design:
how dramaturgies of usability, intricacy, and simplicity create identity.
Talking frontend-backend dialectics.

The field of perception, change, and purpose is widening and becoming more differentiated online every day. Categories such as “information/entertainment/ function/sales” are embedded online in a “materiality” that is dynamically increasing and gaining in actual realness. Particularly in smartphone practice, this has created a highly performative reality as a conceptual basis of identity formation. By contrast, clients’ ideas of what a website is and must be able to do often are fairly limited and rather conventional.
Our themes to address in regard to identity conception and online appearance in such an environment:
The role of discourse and the questioning of “institutional” categories – in how far are own (hidden) strengths and potentials blinded out in clients’ ideas and perceptions? Where should conventions and rules be broken?
Attitude – what do the categories “all-over”, “installation”, “intricacy”, and “simplicity” mean for corporate or personal profiling?
Result as process – the dialectics of identity concepts and implementation concepts.

Develops identity concepts and graphic designs for institutions, companies, and individuals as well as projects for print and the web. www.rendi.at