DrupalCamp Vienna 2013
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Love thy vagrant

Coding & Development
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Schedule: Friday, 11:00 in room Zensations

Before there was vagrant, the days were dark and the nights were cold. Developers suffered from the "It works on my machine" virus. Weeks were wasted by setting up development environments, trying to reproduce the colleagues settings to finally start developing on that piece of software.

No more! Using a virtual machine to run the whole software stack and shared configuration for all developers, with vagrant it's possible to be as close to the production server as needed and get it up and running in under on hour - No matter how complex that stack is.

This talk will introduce the audience to the wonders of vagrant:

  • The concept of virtual machines as development environment
  • Base boxes
  • Provisioning
  • Shared folders
  • Providers

With this theoretical background, the talk will provide information on how to get started with vagrant:

  • One virtual machine per project?
  • Own Base-Boxes vs. Provisioning
  • Provisioning with shell, chef or puppet
  • Development workflow changes
  • Performance issues

In the end, there will be brief discussion of "one-step setup" and "one-step builds" of projects and how easy it is to realize and test this with vagrant.

This talk is for beginners who either don't know about vagrant or don't have experience with it. People who already tried vagrant might benefit from the second part of the talk.

About the speaker:
Sebastian is a developer who touches system administration, agile project management and lean management on a regular basis. Originally from Munich, where he co-founded PicturePlix in 2011, a design service for photobooks, he now works as the technical lead at wogibtswas.at, a location-based app for offers and catalogues.

He enjoys being with his family, listening to music some would describe as noise and studying body modification culture.