DrupalCamp Vienna 2013
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There are no bad clients, just bad Project Managers

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project management, budget, time, clients
Schedule: Saturday, 12:00 in room webshapers

A project manager talks to the development team...

'Sorry guys, the design is not yet approved, but we need to start implementing. Can we just start with what we have and hope it will not change too much?'

'Hi guys, can we still implement this one change request? I promise it is the last one…'

'Sorry, the client didn't test well, so that is why we have all these bugs online that we need to fix asap…'

Does that sound familiar to you?

A main reason why project managers struggle is because managing clients is so hard. Every client is different in various ways that affect the project - decision making processes, work modes, reliability, expectations of an agency etc.

Before I started working at a Drupal agency I worked for years on the client side. I want to share my best practices with you on how to get to know your client as fast as possible, to build up a trustworthy relationship and how to manage a project transparently and efficiently.