DrupalCamp Vienna 2013
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Drupal 8 site building training


drunomics is excited to host a community training for those who want to get started with site building in Drupal 8 early!

Audience: intermediate Drupal experience required, i.e. you feel comfortable using popular site building tools of Drupal 7 like Fields & Views

You will learn how to

  • Configure custom content types using the Fields UI
  • Use integrated field types such as entity reference, link, date, e-mail, telephone
  • Manage content & forms display with view modes
  • Create flexible listings using Views in core
  • Deploy configuration using Yaml files (CMI)
  • Leverage basics of the new theming system with Twig, HTML 5 markup and a throughout responsive approach
  • Work with the built-in Restful web service support

Disclaimer: Drupal 8 is still under active development. During this training, we will likely run into some bugs. We are expecting you to be comfortable with diving into a new world of moving targets :)

Meet the trainers:

  • Wolfgang Ziegler: is a passionate Drupal developer and system architect from Vienna, Austria. He is co-founder of the Drupal Austria user group and works as "CEO - Head of development" at drunomics in Vienna. Wolfgang lead the Entity API improvements in Drupal 8, like adding the new Entity Field API and the underlying Typed Data API.
  • Josef Dabernig: is a Drupal allrounder with a broad experience from coding over site building to frontend development. He is an active member of the Drupal Austria community and held various trainings in Central America as well as at DrupalCon Prague.

drunomics is a Vienna based Drupal shop that offers professional training. We transform your employees into Drupal-ninjas! We support building up your corporate Drupal know-how by doing trainings for your editors, designers and developers. With many years of Drupal experience, we know exactly which techniques and tools will lead to your success.

This is a non-profit community training offered by drunomics as a free service in cooperation with DrupalCamp Vienna and Microsoft Austria. The fee of € 50,- covers catering and the costs of organisation.

Full day (09:00 - 17:00/18:00)
€ 50
Minimum capacity: 
Maximum capacity: