DrupalCamp Vienna 2013
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Drupal frontend on steroids


In this training we will teach you how to apply modern front-end development techniques to get the most out of Drupal theming. The scaffolding will be a semi pre-built Drupal installation profile demonstrating powerful sitebuilding techniques. In the course of this class we will teach you about the entirety of the Sass language, as well as the frameworks and tools built around it, and practice it based on various excercises targeting different components of our scaffolding.

Topics are:

  • Quick introduction to powerful sitebuilding techniques using the Panels suite (introduction to our scaffolding).
  • Modern frontend tools, techniques and methodologies
  • Scalable and modular architecture for CSS (SMACCS)
  • The Sass language: Functions, mixins, placeholders, variables, loops, etc.
  • Compass et al
  • Grid frameworks (Susy, Singularity, etc.)
  • Responsive theming using the Breakpoint gem (including fallback techniques for legacy browsers)
  • Using (pre-)processing functions to optimize your markup
  • Theming with template file / theme function overrides and theme hook suggestions
  • Theming forms


  • Installed VirtualBox (>= 4.3) and Vagrant (>= 1.3.5)
  • Solid knowledge of CSS, HTML and Drupal (for the sitebuilding exercises)
  • Basic understanding of the Command Line (ability to execute some simple commands under guidance)
  • Minimal knowledge of PHP (ability to write some PHP code under guidance)


  • IDE (preferably PhpStorm)
  • Basic understanding of Git and Drush
Full day (09:00 - 17:00/18:00)
€ 50
Minimum capacity: 
Maximum capacity: