DrupalCamp Vienna 2013
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Introduction to Symfony2


This training dives right into the Symfony2 full-stack framework, to give beginners an overview of the most widely used features and the workflow. After a broad look at the framework's structure, we create a basic application, learning how to setup a controller, configure routing for it, handle a simple form submission, and render the output using the Twig template engine.

Topics are:

  • General introduction to the framework and its integrated tools
  • Installing and configuring Symfony2
  • Defining a Controller class and its action methods
  • Mapping controllers with the routing system
  • Twig template engine syntax
  • Creating and processing basic forms
  • The web debug toolbar
  • Comparing supported formats: XML, YAML and PHP
  • Good knowledge of PHP and Object Oriented Programming
  • Your own laptop
Full day (09:00 - 17:00/18:00)
€ 195
Minimum capacity: 
Maximum capacity: