DrupalCamp Vienna 2013
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Lukas Smith

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Liip AG
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Lukas makes regular appearances at conferences around the globe and has left an impression in various parts of the PHP community, not the least of which as co-release-manager for PHP 5.3 and launching wiki.php.net. He is also fairly known in database and search circles. Oh yeah and he plays a lot of ultimate frisbee :)


Stone Masons vs. 3D printer in the CMS world

Coding & Development
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Symfony2, PHPCR, CMF
Schedule: Saturday, 12:00 in room Zensations

Content management systems are no doubt a pillar for the internet, empowering non programmers to build websites. However by their nature such CMS solutions tend to bring a ton of features that are not going to be used. Worse these features sometimes are even a hinderance when one needs to build something a bit more unique and custom. As such building a custom website with a CMS is a bit like being a stone mason working from a gigantic hunk of rock. The Symfony CMF proposes a different approach for such use cases.