DrupalCamp Vienna 2013
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Stefan Baumgartner

Netural / Workingdraft.de
Job title: 
Mobile Browser Afficionado
About me: 

Stefan Baumgartner started in web-development in the late nineties, and has since been working as freelancer and in several companies. In 2011 he joined the forces of Austrian-based internet agency Netural, where he leads the frontend development team. They focus on creating rich multimedia web applications and recently brought mobile browser games for Austrian clients to smartphones and tablets. He also co-hosts the German podcast "Workingdraft" and co-organizes the developers meetup Technologieplauscherl in Linz, Austria.

Loving the web since he came first in touch with it, he sees his passion as a full time job and loves rambling and chatting about it on Twitter (http://twitter.com/ddprrt) and his blog (http://fettblog.eu).


Gaining Control in the Great Unknown

Frontend & Design
Experience level: 
mobile browser, HTML5, Progressive Enhancement, browser quirks
Schedule: Saturday, 14:00 in room Wunderkraut

Every heard of the UC browser? Or Ninesky? ExSoul, anyone? Did you know that on Android 4.1 the stock browser is completely different between a Galaxy S3 and a HTC One S?